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Bakkeveien 20B
NO-1415 Oppegård

Telephone: +47 6741180
Telefax: +47 67411181

Org. no.:
NO 882381722 MVA
Union Bank of Norway


Information in english

Our business idea is to help you experience a highly increased effectively of the computer based work, giving your employees the possibility to concentrate on their core task; earning money for the business.
We hire freelance consultants. Strategically this gives us the resources of a large company, and the flexibility of a small business. This makes us your perfect, cost-effective partner, whether you are a large corporation, or a small one-man business.

Internet domains
Our prices are among the lowest in Norway.

Web hosting
We offer one of the most affordable web hosting services on the market. Compare our prices with any one you like. Nobody beats us on price versus quality.

Web maintenance
We offer day to day maintenance of web pages. Flexible, quickly and effectively.
We check your web pages for errors, broken links etc. You may even let us be your webmaster, and never worry about your website again.

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